Monday, October 26, 2009

Cook Tables

Camp Chef Table and Homemade Lid Stand

Custom Built Tables

Chuck Wagon Style

Plow Disks with Horseshoes

Often I am told that A friend cooked in a dutch oven for them at camp and loved it, but they don't have space to dig a big hole to cook in! Cooking tables make it a much faster, cleaner, and easier way to cook. I know some tables coast a lot. I have used Tin Trash Can Lids on 3 bricks. Peter J., welds 3 upside down horse shoes to a plow disk. You can cook right on the ground, but put foil down first. If you don't, moisture will come to the surface and put your charcoals out. Camp Chef makes a good table, (for Christmas maybe) or custom make one. But any flat metal surface will do. The dutch oven was designed to cook on a flat brick hearth, therefore the 3 legs, to stand over burning embers or charcoals. You will find in all my recipes, that I tell how many charcoals to put on top and bottom. So much better than a hole in the ground.

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