Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stuffed Crown Roast of Frankfurters

Have fun this summer, at camp with your Dutch Oven. One day I was putting all my cook books away (about 1500) It took me all day. I also stopped to look at a few. One in particular caught my attention: The Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, dated 1948. It's a 1,000 page book. On page 387 is a recipe I couldn't believe. So I had to try it and then pass it on to you. Have fun with it, and dazzle your family with it.
Stuffed Crown Roast of Frankfurters
Serves 10
Prep. time 40 minutes

20 frankfurters
2 cups sauerkraut (cooked)
4 slices bacon

Arrang the frankfurters side by side, with the curved side up. Using a large (long) needle and string, sew through all the frankfurters 1/2-inch from the bottom and through the center. Turn the franks over.Bringing the first and the last franks together and tie the middle strings together. Repeat with the bottom strings, forming a ring, standing up on end to form a crown. (Concave side should be outside.)Wrap the crown with the bacon, holding them in place with toothpicks. Stand the crown in a 12", deep oven. Fill center of crown with sauerkraut. Bake the crown at 375 f. (8 charcoals on the bottom and 18 on the top) for 20 minutes or until hot. You may use other stuffing in place of sauerkraut, like German potato salad or what ever your family likes. Finish off the top with toothpicks of small fruits to look like jewels.

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