Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Q&A Cooking Tips

The two most asked questions at a demonstration is , How many charcoals do you use, and how do you keep from burning your biscuits? The easiest way is to find the size of your over. (the Diameter) Most has a number on the lid. That is the diameter. Take that number, and – 4 that is the number of charcoals to use under the oven. Again take that number and + 4 That is the number of charcoals to put on top. Ie. A 12’ oven would be 8 charcoals on the bottom , 16 on top. That’s a 350°f. oven. Small adjustments may be needed for bad weather. The biscuits, Remember the biscuits are setting on the HOT metal bottom, and will brown more and sooner than the tops. That’s just hot air. When you see the tops just turning brown, move your oven off from the bottom charcoals, and finish cooking with top heat only . Works ever time for me.

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