Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whats a D.O.G.

We recently held a class for a  Scouts troop, and a Mountain Man Group. Now it's time to get together for a D.O.G. and see how they have done. A D.O.G. is a social event, (Dutch Oven Gathering) That centers around cooking in the cast iron, out door, Dutch oven. It's like a Pot Luck. We cook together, we eat together, and just have fun. Every one is welcome, and you don't have to have a Dutch oven, but it would help to have one, if you would like to learn to cook in one. Our next D.O.G. will be held on August 11, at the Butte Creek Mill, Eagle Point , Oregon. Just take Hwy 62 out to Eagle Point. Turn right at Ray's  Market. Go to the covered bridge, turn lift and you will come to the Historic Mill. We will Start at noon, We are having a class on bread making in the Dutch oven. Start cooking our meal about 1:30 and eat about 3:00. Bring your ovens and food to cook, and your cook tables if you have one, or you can use ours. An awning would also be nice to bring.  
Come on out and have fun with us.
Please R.S.V.P.  theoutlawgourmet@hotmail.com
Last minute arrivals are O.K. So come on down and have lots of fun.

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