Thursday, May 31, 2012

Essentials Three (Cook Tables 10/26/2009)

Camp Chef Table and Homemade Lid Stand

Custom Built Tables

Chuck Wagon Style

Plow Disks with Horseshoes

Tables are a big essential. Often I am told that a friend cooked in a dutch oven for them at camp in a hole in the ground and we loved it, but they don't have space to dig a big hole to cook in! Cooking tables make it a much faster, cleaner, and easier way to cook. I know some tables coast a lot. I have used Tin Trash Can Lids on 3 bricks. Peter J., welds 3 upside down horse shoes, for legs, to a plow disk. You can cook right on the ground, but put down foil, or a cookie sheet down first. If you don't, moisture will come to the surface and put your charcoals out. Camp Chef makes a good table, (for Christmas maybe) or custom make one. But any flat metal surface will do. The dutch oven was designed to cook on a flat brick hearth, therefore the 3 legs, to stand over burning embers or charcoals. You will find in all my recipes, that I tell how many charcoals to put on top and bottom. So much better than a hole in the ground.

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