Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Recipe Soon

I had to run to Page AZ. for a funeral, and was away for 6 days. I am working on a whole roasted chicken Recipe I think you will like. Give me a day or two and I well have it for you. Thanks for your comments. I don't get many, and would like to get more. I love to see what you have to say, or even get recipes from you. Thanks again.


  1. Hi Ron, Hey, is the Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers going to have a meeting or get together any time soon? Did you get my email with the photos from the August 7th Lapine Dutch Oven Throw Down competion that we sent you? Don't forget to check out our blogspot we have a few new posts. http://trailheadkitchen.blogspot.com

    Trailhead Kitchen,
    Charles & Laura

  2. Yes I did, and we would like to have you cook in the cook-off on Sept 25 In Jacksonville. You need to e-mail Dave. And I have been on your new blog. Keep it up..

  3. We now have in the final process a overnight stay for 2 at a local bed and breakfast! This willbe a first prize donation by the pinehurst inn valued at $100.00 sign up asap by emailing rdocidos at yahoo dot com