Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jubilee Week, 150 Years, Jacksonville

Today I meet with Jacksonville and Ray's Market, and it seems that we well be holding a demo, and classes. This is still attentive, but seems most likely. We will be doing cooking demos all day as well as classes, on beginning with the Dutch, doing simple dishes, and a gourmet dish. Ray's are trying to put some founds together for the event. We will need our own awnings, and kitchens, and will be in Ray's parking lot, but some things could change. This well take place on September 18, or 25. We will need every ones help. I would like to invite I.D.O.S. members from out lying areas, on vacation, or not, to come and help us also, you are all invited. We hope to make this a big event. Contact Ron Clanton at "theoutlawgourmet@hotmail.com" or Dave Harzog at "norcaldutchovendave@yahoo.com" We will be looking foreword to hearing from a lot of you.

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  1. Ron,
    Lets check with Black birds on Main in Medford for prized they have quite the camping section and carry some Lodge. I'm still out of town until the weekend, home one day then headed back to camp. Do you think we could get something from Sportsmans also? I wish i was in town to do more Ill try from down here.