Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D.O.G. Dutch Oven Gathering

Were would you like to hold a d.o.g.. Mountains, Park, The Mill, Back patio. You till us, and we can do some planing. You are always welcome at gathering in other areas also. La Pine, No.Cal, on vacation. Any one is welcome at our dogs too. Bring a friend that doesn't Dutch Oven cook and show them how much fun it is. I.D.O.S. motto is, Good Friends, Good Food, Good fun. Let us Know.


  1. Ron, Im not working on saturdays! when and where?
    We need a DOG now im itchin and so are my pots

  2. I would like a camp site by the lost creek dam, down by the hatchery. Green grass and tables, and a big shelter with tables. Or A reign 1 dog at Taylor's in Cave Junction. That would be out of sight.

  3. both sound great tom me! lets do a R-1 DOG this fall

  4. Up by the River sounds good to us. Let us know when. Dave, what is an R-1 DOG?
    Trailhead Kitchen
    Charles & Laura

  5. A R-1 dog is a Region 1 dog. Region 1 covers the states of Alaska, Washington,Oregon,Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska and,Minnesota.and some of Canada. We would have to get permission from the region Director. for that, in a year advanced.