Monday, May 10, 2010

At the Mill

Well, we had a grate time Saturday at the Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, OR. I don,t know how many hundred people showed up, but it was well over one thousand. It was wall to wall people all day. We now have some new member, Welcome, Aaron served Chi Chocolate cup cakes. Biscuits, The mills mix. Dave did cookies, Waffles, Mac and cheese. Charles did, Pineapple up-side-down cake. yellow cake, shrimp creole, I did stuffed jalapenos, Stuffed Crown Roast Frankfurters,( a real big hit ) and peach cobbler. And forgive me if I lift any thing out. Call me and I,ll add it. Oh! and Peter cooked Chili. We filled a 20' by 40' awning area with our 5 kitchens. The samples whet as fast as we could put them out. Weather was perfect. We couldn't of had a more fun day cooking in our favorite pots. Keep checking the blog. we will try to have a D.O.G. or two this Summer. We have some nice places picked out, mostly by rivers. Keep the Black Pots Hot. Ask for help, if needed, Join us, More recipes to come, and Photos too. ( I'm not good with the photo part, so I leave that up to Aaron, and Dave. See you all with your D. O.s soon.


  1. Must have the recipe for the crown roast hot dogs! Looks great but what are the details?

  2. It's here on the blog. Go back to older posts' ,click on that, scroll back to Wednesday, June 3, 2009. That time it was filled with Sauerkraut, this time with mac. salad. Have fun with it. It was a big hit. L.O.L.

  3. Awesome, the only problem was it took me forever to get there because I kept stopping to print tons of other recipes.

  4. It looks fantastic - I will have to hunt for the recipe too.