Saturday, February 6, 2010

When it Rains, It Burns, Still.

I wrote the text to this yesterday, but it ended up in voodoo computerland. So I am trying again.
A few years ago I moved to Southern Oregon. I started to cook Dutch Oven demo around the area. Most of the time I had an awning for cover, but as soon as I had to cook in the open, IT RAINED. And not just once. Wet charcoals don't burn well. So, I got an oil change tub, (metal), a 4' section of Aluminum extrusion and cut 3 legs. Drilled a few holes, inserted a few nuts and bolts, got a drawer pull affixed it. Now let it rain. I believe it works as well in snow. Don't let the spring rains slow down your D.O. cooking fun. See you at a demo, or a D.O.G. soon. If you would like to hold one or just suggest a day,,, go for it. make a commint or e-mail me.


  1. Being relatively new to this kind of cooking I wondered how wet weather could be handled, just love this.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. It just came to me one day in the rain, and I was holding a garbage can lid over the charcoal.