Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hi! all

Hay! how about a comment or suggestion. My ego needs it to know you are all out there. I fill so isolated down here in SO. Oregon. Hope fully I can make some Central OR. events this summer. We still need two more people to commit, so we can become a chapter, of I,D.O.S. We have been trying for two years now. Lets get some activity going here. Butte Creek Mill will give us a grate meeting spot by the river to meet any time we need it.

Ron Clanton
You can make commits right on the blog. Please!


  1. Howdy Ron,

    Hopefully the warmer months of spring will get people interested in Dutch Oven events. There haven't been as many events in Utah, either.

  2. Low activity in CA as well, we have a gathering slated but it's on a work day so I may only pop in to visit :(

  3. Just want you to know that I do log on everyday as I am trying to learn from you and other people in the know about DO cooking. I am pretty new to DO cooking, but so far so good. Plus it is a lot of fun when you are camping. I live in central Florida and there are no DOG's in my area to my knowledge.

    Keep up the good work, we are listening.

  4. twokuhl: Thank you for the comm. It you cleck on the I.D.O.S. icon on this screen it will tell you how to join idos, witch puts out a news letter of all the happenings all over the u.s. and I know there are chapters in Florida. You are welcome to e-mail me any time with Quistions