Thursday, November 5, 2009


November 21st. The Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers will be doing one more Demo for the Medford Sportsman's Warehouse. They will be demoing the turkey cannon on the grill, and we will be dutch oven cooking Cornbread, and pumpkin pie. Maybe I will attempt some Aebleskiver. You are all invited to come and sample, but we would love to have some other members come out and help. It seems like it's always the same three. If your new at D.O. cooking or just not sure of some things, this is a good time to come out. We are right there to help you, and we always have fun. Even if you live out side this area, and need to come to So.Oregon, come help us and get to know us more. All are welcome to cook or just sample, or even just hang! with us. See you on the 21st.

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  1. contact me for help at sw in Medford i have all my demo stuff here in Eugene includint my demo mirror and Dutch ovens.