Monday, September 28, 2009

Other pans

Can I put pans, or liners in my dutch oven?
If you are just cooking for fun with family and friend,Yes you can. you can use foil, to make clean up faster. You can use parchment paper to make cakes come out easier. Even use cake and pie pans in them, just the same as in the oven at home. If you are cooking in a cook-off (competition), check with the organizers. thy may aloe it, but most do not. the use of a cake pan will lose points for you, unless it is a pan that the pan is what makes that item, I.E. a Bunt pan or a muffin pan. Lodge makes those in cast iron and I would suggest using them rather than a ten one. IT will go over better with the judges. Racks under roast are always a good bet. Keep them hot through the Winter. Don't have dates on the Chestnut roast yet, so stay in touch. Ron

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