Monday, July 6, 2009


Sorry for the name, but this is a real recipe, almost 125 years old. I have seen it in almost all old chuck wagon cook books, just not i verse. I was looking for new, "OLD" recipes to put in this blog and found this.
" If you like your recipes set to verse. here is an original from Don Getz.

Go get yourself a good-size pot;
Fill half with water, not a lot.
Make a good fire, not too big,
Then set a grate for this stew-pot gig.
Be sure there's plenty of fire embers,
'Cause this here stew's good in September.
But if there's anything about stew you fear,
The Son of a bitch is good anytime of the year.
And the ingredients that you will need,
Are as follows for the cooking deed.
Unless told otherwise, measures are half-cup,
So do not bother with any ante-up.
Peas an' carrots an' beans an' taters,
Corn an' okra and a can of tomaters.
Two pounds of beef cut in small hunks,
For more flavor add some bacon chunks.
Sprinkle in pepper and two pinches of salt,
A dash of tobasco and another, then halt.
Bring the whole mess to a rolling boil,
To make it look greasy add a dash of cook's oil.
Add all of that to pot on "fahr."
Sit down, rest easy and strum yer guitar.
Check out the lid so as not too tight,
To let the steam out into the cool night.
Check the pot for no overboil,
Don't waste good stew on Nature's soil.
Then after an hour or two,
You can serve your Son of a bitch stew.
When you serve it and want down-home taste,
Put it into tin plates so there's no waste.
Instead of crackers use Sheepherder's bread,
Use if for soppings or stew as a spread.
After you've eaten it belch with delight-
The Son of a bitch Stew should be jut right!

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