Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diamond Lake Lunch

Saturday, July 11th Peter Johnson and Ron Clanton cooked lunch for 65 members of "Woman of the Out Doors. We cooked 2 12lb turkey roasts, two large pots of green beans, two very large pots of corn bread stuffing, gravy and peach cobblers, and two 16" ovens filled with dinner rolls. It was all eaten, so It must of been good. Some members came by to say thank you. We enjoyed our self's very much. Today my muscles are sore from moving 21 dutch ovens from my truck to our make shift kitchen and back, but that is part of it all. I need to move them more, so more of you can try and enjoy dutch oven cooking, and I could build up some muscle. The weather was real good. The views were very nice. People were catching lots of fish, and we had good food to eat. What more can you ask for?

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