Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stuffed Turkey Thigh

We do not know if turkey was on the first Thanksgiving table or not, but we do know hole roasted turkey  has become the most popular Holiday dish to come to the table. As this Country has grown so large over the last 200 years, many families have spread out from sea to shining sea. It is hard to bring them all together some times and a hole turkey can be a little much for some of us. Here is a very good substitute for a family of two, Holiday feast. Your favorite stuffing is fine, but I suggest using my Century Cornbread Stuffing in this recipe.

1 turkey thigh ( about 1 pound)
   your favorite stuffing
2 tablespoons (¼ stick) butter

Preheat a 10" Dutch oven with 7 charcoals on the bottom and 13 on top. Cut along the thigh lengthwise down to the bone on the inside. Pressing knife against the bone, cut until until it is released. Pound meat to flatten as much as possible. Spoon stuffing down center. Bring meat and skin together to enclose filling and tie with string and fastening ends with toothpicks. Dry skin very well. Wrap loosely in foil and place in Dutch oven. Bake for 1 hour. Remove foil. Place back in oven and all the pan juices  and bake 1 hour longer, basting often with butter and juices until skin is nicely browned and meat is 165ºf. Remove string and toothpicks and cut into slices. Make gravy with pan juices and water-flour slurry.

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