Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mrs. Chancey's Spanish Bean Soup

I have said before on this Blog that 95% of the recipes on my blog are my own, but from time to time I find one I would like to pass along. To day I found a book published and printed in 1942, the same year I was born. The book is titled "Cross Creek Cookery"  by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. I give credit were credit is due. I could not find anywhere what Spanish beans are, but I think Pinto or Anasazi will do very well. ( If you know what Spanish beans are, till me about them in the comments) This recipe also calls for fresh pig's feet. I lift them out. Just saying. It also called for Spanish Sausage. I used Charizo.

1 pound Spanish beans
½ teaspoon soda.    I added ( baking soda ) Did not call it baking soda in 42
2 pounds ham hock
4 large onions
4 buttons garlic
½ bell pepper
4 Spanish sausages
4 pig's feet (fresh)
4 medium-sized potatoes
1 small head cabbage
½ teaspoon saffron ( or about 10c worth )    Remember 1942's 10c
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
2 bay leaves

Notice, it dose not say how to prep them. I think you will figure out It is in the instructions below.

Add soda to water and soak overnight. Wash beans well the next morning. Cover ham hock well with cold water, add beans and start cooking slowly. Cut up onions, garlic,bell pepper, and in about twenty minutes add to soup together bay leaves and saffron. Cut sausage in pieces of four and add to soup. Cut pig's feet in half, lengthwise, and cook separately until tender; then add to soup and cook slowly. Cut up potatoes and add to soup, and when beans are about done, cut up cabbage as for slaw and add to soup. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Be sure to cook slowly always. More water may be needed at end, but soup is supposed to be thick. Imported sausage cannot be bought now but domestic will do. Serves eight to ten.

( Remember, this was during War time. )

I did this in a deep, 12" Dutch oven with bottom hear only, covered.  Over gas or 10 to 12 charcoals.  


  1. I own this cookbook. It is a well written account of a past era of cookery.

    1. I collect cookbooks and found this one at a free book exchange. I agree. It is a good book.

  2. Spanish beans are garbanzos or chick peas. My dad used to make this all the time for me. It's a favorite!