Thursday, February 21, 2013

Biscuit Cutter

Well! every one Knew,or no one knew, because only one commented. It wasn't the best cutter I ever used, but it did work. Not all inventions caught on, so it may not of been around to long. I love finding these old things.  I wish more of you would comment on them, But it's OK. I do it out of love for you and cooking. Old Coosie most likely used an old empty can with both ends cut out.


  1. Well Ron, I had a feeling it was something that simple. Interesting idea behind it, but seems to be a lot more work and time consuming than other ideas of the time, like a can. lol. Looks like maybe a pass or two if lucky before your flattening out again and again just to get a few. Very cool contraption none the less, thanks for sharing.


  2. I made a very small batch, just to show, but you are right. To much handling of the dough will make them hockey pukes. This was a fun one for me.