Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is Comming

Last year I gave you, for your Christmas menu, an old fashion "Italian fest of the seven fishes". ( feel free to look back, if you like.) This year I will try to give you an old fashion "Deep South menu"  Dips, ( may not need, we will see.) Snacks, Main course, Sides, Condiments, And Desserts. If you have requests, Just put them in the comments, and I will see what I can do.  I won't do a 35lb. Turkey in a 22" Dutch oven, But, for our Thanksgiving, that's what we did. And it only took 3 ½ Hours to roast. I think I will do a Brisket that will take just as long, Just not as big of an oven.

     Marry Christmas to all, And to all, Good Dutch Oven Eats.

.Ron Clanton
The outlaw gourmet
Don't rob your self of good cookin'

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