Sunday, November 4, 2012

What are those 5" ovens good for?

Every day use, not much. Worm up a 1 person meal. 20 some years ago, at my first cook-off I made a Chocolate Brownie Cake that needed melted chocolate. I used a small sauce pan, set on top of one of my ovens. I came in a close 4th. After seeing the scoring, I had lost just enough points to take me out of 3rd, for using a pan, not cast iron. My very young son (then young) went out and got me a 5" dutch oven for Christmas. I have used it for melting butter and chocolate ever since. Today I thought I would try to roast garlic in it, rather than in the oven. (electric) It worked great. 3 charcoals under and 5 on top and just let them burn out.

Sorry! I got the pictures in reverse order.

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