Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bread Dressing

This is the bread dressing recipe from Saturday's  Gobble til you wobble cookout. This is Paul recipe. I will have them all up soon. The Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers Thank all of you for coming out to enjoy our food and  our fun.

5 Medium Onions Chopped
2 Stalks of Celery Chopped

Sear in large stock pot with olive oil until onions just start to turn translucent

Add 2 TBS Kosher Salt  
1 TBS fresh Ground Pepper
1 TBS Poultry Seasoning or Ground Sage
Pour in 1 quart Chicken or Turkey Stock + 2 cups water

Reduce heat and simmer overnight or 6 hours (your choice)

In LARGE Bowl add:

8 bags of croutons and mix to moisten
Add 3 well beaten eggs with about 1 cup of water and, using your hands, mix in very well

Bake in Dutch oven for 1 ½ hours ( will fill 2 12’ ovens)

Remove from heat and add enough Turkey drippings to add flavor but not make soggy

Dressing can also be added to the Turkey during roasting but I would recommend that it not be put in the cavity / only around the outside of the bird.

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