Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vintage Faire at Butte Creek Mill

Today, Paul Rolled out his new kitchen, And I do mean, rolled out. His kitchen is on wheels. I think the crowd today was the largest we've had yet. We served over 200 people. Paul cooked the most. Chili Verde, Rice, French bread, and Peach cobbler. I cooked Juanita's Baked beans. There must of been 2000 people visit the mill today. There was Old Time Fiddlers. Gun Fighters. A Blacksmith, Civil War Actors, and much, much more.I will have the bean recipe up in a few days. and more details of the day. Oh yes! I must also tell you we gave a class to the Boy Scout troop from Eagle Point. I believe it was troop 48, If I'm wrong boys tell me and I will correct it. The boys did a great job. Dave gave the class. Thanks Bob and Debbie, for having this fantastic event at your Butte Creek Mill. A place y'all must visit.

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