Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not a Restaurant Review

I am sure you have figured out this is a Blog to preserve the art of Dutch oven cooking. To day I am going to pass this along to you. I was diagnosed with " Myasthemia Grovis", making it imposable to chew food. Well! First off I am on meds now and o,k. Last Thursday on the way to the V.A. Hospital in Portland, We stopped to get dinner for my wife. I asked the manager if they could puree something for me. Danny Mathenia, the front of house  manager, at the Lake Oswego, Chevys, went in to the kitchen himself and pureed a Chili Rellino, for me. That is customer service at it's best. THANKS DANNY, YOU ARE THE MAN!

P.S. Danny, copy this and give it to your boss. L.O.L.

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  1. OH DEAR! What in the world... I am so sorry! You seem to be in good spirits as I read this post but I know darn well it's got to be a downer. Yay to Danny for helping you out!