Monday, March 19, 2012


The Historic "Butte Creek Mill" in Eagle Point, Oregon is holding it's annual "Vintage Faire" May 12th, and would like to hold a cook-off again. The last 2 years, all we have been able to get to compete is 3 contestants. 3 guaranties a win for all 3, but we would like to make it a little more challenging. We need the support of the neighboring city's, and States. We are an I.D.O.S. cook-off and will nominate the winner to go to Wold Championship cook-off next year. To sign up for the cook-off , E-Mail me at "" It will be a 3 pot cook-off. To see photos of this years wcco, go to IDOS.ORG and click on 2012 Wcco. It is on about the middle of the page. You my click on the IDOS logo on the upper right of this blog. I will also have a link by Wednesday.

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