Monday, November 14, 2011

Dutch Oven Turkey

I know you don't all have an oven big enough to cook a turkey, but for all of you that do, here is what it takes. A 12 pound to 14 pound will fit in a 17" deep. A 16 pound to 19 pound will fit in a MACA 12"x 16" and a 22" from MACA will hold up to 40 pounds. Your looking at an 18 pounder.
Brineing helps with flavor and juiciness. You can order brine mix from " Made With Love Country Kitchens " after brineing the turkey you MUST dry it well. A wet turkey will give you soggy skin. From the back end of the bird, Slip your hand under the skin, to make a pocket. Slip in 5 or 6 pats of Spike seasoned compound butter. ( Spike is available from Butte Creek Mill ) Stuff the cavity with your chose of aromatics, i.e. Onion, apple, celery. carrots, Greens, and herbs. Tuck wing tips under the birds back, Rub well with melted butter then Spike. Place in Dutch oven directly on the bottom of oven, cover and start your roasting. On this size oven I don't count charcoals. I put as many as I can under and over as it will hold. It will take about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours to cook. If the breast is browning to fast, remove some of the charcoals from the middle , and move them to the edges. Charcoals last 1 hour, so, after 45 minutes , start a new batch. At the 1 hour mark, remove all old charcoals and replace them with all new. Repeat for hour 3.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
From Ron Clanton
The out law Gourmet
and all the members of Rogue Dutch Oven Cooker

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