Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cook

Will the real Outlaw Gourmet, please stand up? Just having fun. Last week at my work, I had to cook a five course dinner for 80 in my dutch ovens, for the residents at my work. We were holding our Western Days for the families. Today I had to take my son 80 miles to In-And-Out Burgers for his 33rd birthday. That was all he wanted. I will get some D.O. cooking done in a few days, so we can have some new recipes. Thanks for letting me YAP!
Click on the partial picture to see the answer.


  1. I had to share this with my wife. Only have one dutch oven at this time, but want to upgrade to two sometime. This makes me not feel guilty at all.

  2. I only have 24 at this time. I told a fellow worker I was drinking to much coke. It was coasting me $60 a month, or a Dutch oven a month. I need more. Its an addiction. 2-5" and up to a 17" deep, and a 12"x16" Maca.

  3. Hope you put up the menu thats a massive challenge.