Thursday, October 13, 2011


I found this in a 1950s cook book. Culinary Art Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, by Ruth Berolzhimer. I did this many times for Scouts, kids, and B.B.Q. , just for fun, but it even got requests from time to time. The recipe calls for peas, but I changed that for kids and liked it better with mashed potatoes. Don't cut or brake the edge of the bologna, or it will not cup. Cut bell pepper rings to set them on. Tomato wedges for garnish. I place the 7th one in the center. Play with it and have fun.

Aw- Bologna

7 slices bologna from deli, 1/4" thick
7 scoops mashed potato, left overs, season your favorite way. (chives,cheese, bacon)
7 slices American cheese
7 strips green chiles, caned

Place the bologna slices in a 14" Dutch oven,to brown, and to cup. Brown on both sides, with 20 charcoals on the bottom only. After browning, reduce charcoals to 8 to 10. Place about 20 charcoals on lid, and set aside. Arrange bologna in a single layer. in a circle, and 1 in the middle. Using a large scoop, place mashed potatoes in each. Place a slice of cheese on each. Top each with a slice of green pepper. cover with heated lid and bake until cheese melts and potatoes are hot through, 15 to 20 minutes. Arrange as in photo, on a platter, garnish and serve. Serve hot.

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