Sunday, July 31, 2011


Would you like the August 13th D.O.G. to be later than 1 to 6, or more like 11 to 4. I need in put.
May be you don't want D.O.G.s, but a camp out or just classes. or may be you just want the blog, tell me.

Ron Clanton
The Outlaw Gourmet
Don't rob yourself of good cookin'.


  1. Ron,
    D.O.G.s are fine with me, I'm just so busy right now it's hard for me to get to one. (I am out of town on the 13'th). I would also like to go to the class at Sportsmans Warehouse, but being a weekday and so early, I will still be at work. Until things slow done it will be hit and miss for me. I have a friend interested in the D.O.G.'s also, but he is in the a same boat as I am, time wise, but we will get to one eventually.
    Don't get discouraged, keep offering the.


  2. Thanks Dave! We will get together one of these D.O.G.s soon. I know how the work is, even when I was out of work for 6 mo. I am back to work now and I fell I don't have time for my D. O.s
    We will keep on going.

  3. Ron,
    Lets keep it 1 to 6 I should be off work around 2 or 3 and should be able to drop by for a short spell after work. It's disheartening for both of us to see so few people at our DOGs but hey we are still having them and well... you know nothin like black pot cooked food!