Friday, July 8, 2011

The Cowboy's Life

Fresh ground coffee! Did you think the yuppies of the 70's and 80's invented it? No, every home had a coffee grinder, and every ranch and bunk houses had one also. Even coosie, out with the chuck wagon had one. But what about the cowboy, out mending fence for a week or more at a time. Yes, the rancher took good care of "His Boys". He would mount a side or wall mount coffee grinder every 4-5 or 6 miles, on fence posts. The cowboy know just how far apart they were, and go to the next one, to make his camp for the night. Hard tack, jerky, and beans was about all the food they carried with them, but they cared plenty of coffee beans also. Beans and coffee for dinner. Hard tack and coffee for breakfast. That was the life for a young boy out on his own for the first time. A real "Cowboy". I am a descendant of a "Gang" called " The Cowboys" from Tombstone AZ. A.K.A. The Clanton Gang. I have fun with that bit of history. I tell people. not to weary " I haven't robbed a stage coach in years".

Ron Clanton
The Outlaw Gourmet

Don't rob your self of good cookin'

Sorry folks! after I posted this story, I was informed by "Cowboy" that it's not true! The ranch owner would not wast his money on that many grinders, and that they would rust away in no time. I got the story from a reputable Antique dealer, I thought to know his stuff, maybe not. I could use more research on this. Please send me any thing you may have on this subject. Thank you.

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