Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is a Dutch Oven?

A dutch oven , to some it is a deep pot to roast or braising meat, Or making sauces. To us "dutch oven cooks", it is a cast iron pot with 3 legs. We use it to cook outdoors, at camp, picnics, on the patio, or even emergences when the power goes out. To us, there is two kinds, a camp oven and a home oven. The camp oven has 3 legs to stand over the charcoals and a ring around the top to keep the charcoals from falling off. The one with no legs, and a dome top is called a home oven. Used in the home oven or stove top. The home oven can be converted temporarily, to a camp oven with the use of a lid stand and a wok ring. We mostly use briquettes, rather then charcoal, for better heat control. To the new D.O. cook, you will find the number of' ''charcoals" to use in a recipe, but we mean briquettes.
The D.O. is good for cooking any thing. Baking, roasting, braising. boiling, frying, You name it, we will do it. The lid inverted, makes a good griddle.
Their are local clubs, as well as the International Dutch Oven Society, Their are compactions at every level, all the way up to World Championship Cook-Off, every March, in Salt Lake City.
The "Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers", are a local chapter of I.D.O.S. and you can join us by E-Mailing us at rdocidos@yahoo.com. We are located in SO. Oregon, But you can find a chapter close to you at WWW.IDOS.ORG/ chapters
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