Friday, June 3, 2011

Modern Priscilla Cook Book

I just percussed an old book yesterday. Modern Priscilla Cook Book. Published in Boston, 1929. I found a recipe you my, or my not want to try.

Squirrel Stew

1 squirrel
6-8 tiny onions
2 carrots
1 small turnip
1 tomato
2 stalks celery
Few sprigs parsley
2 cloves
Salt, pepper
flour, butter

Cut up the squirrel and brown it in a little fat. Also brown the onions. Add other vegetables, diced, and seasoned. Cover with boiling water and simmer until meat is tender ( two or three hours ) Thicken slightly with flour blinded with a little butter and serve with dumplings. Serves 6.

This is worded just as it is in the book. I hope to find some recipes in it, we all can use. "Modern Priscilla cook Book, 1,000 recipes and cooking methods" 1929. Book was given to Wilda K, by her mother, Mrs. May Kelsay, April 8th, 1930 ( in pencil on inside front cover )


  1. I notice it doesnt say skin and clean the squirrel :)other than that its a good basic stew recipe.

  2. You are right, But I worded it just as the book said. But I do have the "Joy of Cooking" edition
    that has how to skin and clean a Squirrel. Let me know if you ever need that. L.O.L.

  3. LOL Ron this is an Aussie and I have skinned and cleaned a goanna would have salted the skin if I knew how at the time. On a dare I even ate some of it raw - about 10 years old at the time and the kids at school never let me forget it.... :)

  4. I ate a raw snale at age three. Being French trained, I have not eaten another scents. Many of us Rogue Dutch Oven Cooker, would love to come down under some day and cook with all of you.I love your posts, and thank you for supporting ours.

  5. I didnt eat snails until well into my 30's as my mother told me they were "garden" not "special french ones". When I did get to eat them I thought them highly over rated chewy morsels. I would have been happy to have just had the garlic and butter with crusty bread that went with them. I enjoy your posts, its a pity so many are shy of making comments all over the web when so many obviously read and enjoy especially all the food forums. Most of us would like to come visit you also but the distance is great.