Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Back

I just returned from a trip to Wisconsin, For my Grandson"s high school graduation. He requisted I come to his party and dutch oven cook, for him and his friends. He asked me to cook his favorites, Coca Cola Chicken, Hash Brown Casserole, ( funeral Potatoes, to Utahans) and Peach Cobbler. He grilled Hot Dogs, and Burgers, and his mom made Potato, and pasta salad, And his Grandma (Kat) Made Navajo Fry Bread. We fed 50 people. My son-in -law is Chippewa, and I think it is there tradition, on interning a Van to ask, " Is any one hungry?" We ate at Chipotle's, another Mexican Place, Famous Dave's, (Original location) St Crouix Casino,( at Turtle Lake) Bubba Gump's, in Mall Of America, and three coffee shoppes for breakfast. We saw more Green than you can imagine. And lakes every were. We are now home and need to get back to normal.
We should be planing a D.O.G./ Class in June. hopefully, all the new members can make it, and old ones to. More info to come soon.


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  2. Welcome home Ron! I just got another 5" Lodge and this one cost me less than $75 including shipping after discounts from ebay.