Friday, April 15, 2011

WOW! May already

Well it looks like we have a busy Mouth ahead of us. April 30, we are invited to give a demo at the Wood House Farm Festival, out in Eagle Point, on Hwy 62. It will be more of a class on Dutch Oven History, but we will give some samples out, thanks to our great sponsor Butte Creek Mill. Bob is going to give us some of the mills bread and cake mixes cook and give out. We can use Chapter members help with that.
May 7th cook-off in K-Falls. We can use some more cooks in that, and Chapter members to help there. E-mail " for forms to enter that one.
May 14th, At the Butte Creek Mills cook-off. Eagle Point's Centennial Vintage Faire. The Cook-off sponsor is Grange Co-Op. Same E-mail for that one. we need more cooks and helpers for that one. and you can E-mail for the forms for that one at the same address.
May 24- 29 I will be in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I will be enjoying some of my Grandchildren.
I will be giving you more info as we get closer, but PLEASE clear those dates.
Good luck to all the cooks, and thanks to all the helpers.
I wish I could meet all of you out at these events, but I know some of you are in other States, and Countries.
Thanks to all of you, and I will be getting more recipes and photos on the post soon.
The Outlaw Gourmet
Don't rob your self of good cookin'

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