Monday, January 17, 2011



I was attacked by a worm/virus called SYSTEM TOOLS 2011. Please be advised if you get a pop up window that says anything about being infected and download System Tools or Fix Infection just turn off your computer before clicking anything. Then you can turn it back on. As long as you haven't click on anything you shouldn't be infected.

What is System tool virus?
Is System tool a virus? The “System tool” virus is actually a program that was designed to look and act like an antivirus protection software. It markets itself as one so people will buy its activation code or registration key. Many of its victims realize too late that they have bought a non working computer security program. Remember, you can’t “get full protection with System tool”.

The System tool virus protection hoax is a deceitful scam. Here is a picture of the already activated worm/virus.

If I would have had to go to a computer store to get this fixed I would have spent $75+ to get it removed.


  1. Actually if you've gotten the popup there is more than likely a rogue antivirus program on your computer. Download and run malwarebytes right away, don't restart yet. Most of these files are fairly harmless. However the root kit types can't do their real damage until you've restarted. If you see these popups and don't feel comfortable doing any of this yourself email me and worst case I can remote in to help out. Thecomputeremts at gmail dot com is the address.


  2. My son is a computer geek L.O.L. and he fixed it and installed a couple of anti-virus programs for me. I also had 17 Trojans in the computer. All gone now. Thank you.