Thursday, December 9, 2010

January D.O.G.

.I just got the word from the chapter President, Dave Harzog, that the up coming d.o.g. will be at the Butte Creek Mill back lawn, down by Little Butte Creek. They checked out some parks that had fire rings, but they all close at dark. Bring your lanterns. If you are still unsure of your dutch oven cooken' , Bring some ingredients, and your D. O. and we will help you with heat control.( cooken' it) This d.o.g. is an evening gathering, so get there when you can and we will try to eat around 6:30 or 7:00. A Dutch Oven Gathering is a group of people that like to cook in the out doors. A time to see, old and make, new friends. Learn more about the art of cookin' in the old black pot.
We are still small in numbers, but all are welcome. We are looking for more of you, that share the fun of this form of cookin'. For morn info on our chapter or the up comming d.o.g,,E-mail me at
We are looking foreword to seeing some new faces at this d.o.g.
Monday the 10th. I think I lift that off.

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