Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jubilee Week, Jacksonville, Oregon

Rogue Dutch oven cookers is hosting their first official Dutch oven cook off at Rays food Place September, 25, 2010 in Jacksonville, OR during the 150th Jubilee Week Celebrations. Get the rules and registration forms from our web page. For any questions please email the club here at rdocidos@yahoo.com.
There are prize donations from Rays and Sportsman's Warehouse as well as other businesses coming in at this moment. More info will be coming in later this week!
Dave H.
Chapter Director
Ron please post this to the blog.


  1. Hey, What is the location of the web page where you say we can ....."Get the rules and registration forms from our web page."

    We would like to get the rules and registration forms.

    Trailhead Kitchen
    Charles & Laura