Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blessing of the food

About 1904, By Mrs. Charles Carey, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

God bless all and make us able
To eat this stuff what's on the table.


  1. Hi Ron,
    We would like to help organize and cook and whatever else needs doing...When is the next Rogue Dutch Oven Cookers meeting??? We joined and haven't heard a word. Let us know when and where and we will be there.
    Trailhead Kitchen
    Charles and Laura Lee

  2. Charles and Laura,
    Its not an official event but you are a part of it already and that's up in Carson City. Unless I'm corrected we will be up in La Pine with Linda cooking something at frontier days unless we toss sumpin together down here. We have a cook off coming up in town this Fall. and when work scheduals get ironed out we will post our next event shortly.

  3. Oh, We meant to put that post after the information about Jubilee Week.
    Trailhead Kitchen
    Charles and Laura