Monday, January 4, 2010

I.D. your Pots

Have you ever taken 4 pots to a d.o.g. and came home with 4 pots, but one looked a little suspicious to you? May be just a little more rust than you remembered! Not as well seasoned as you think it should be! Well, a good way to prevent that is to I.D. them with key tags. Get two tags made with your initials, or mark, brand, and a numbers. I.E 2,5,10 what ever. Hang one on the bail mount, and the other on the lid handle. Why the lid. If you have more than 1 -12" you will keep the same lid with the right oven, and no one can trade you for there cracked lid, not that we have bad people in the club, but it can happen by mistake. It you do this from the start, well, its fun to know which is your oldest and newest. On the new 6" and old 5' ovens, you can't put on on the lid, but most of us only need one of though in our cash, any way. Have fun with your dutch oven, keep them hot all winter. Let me know if you would like to hold a D.O.G. or when a D.O.G. would be good to hold , and where. Any one can host one , and I will post it on the blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR


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  1. Ron,
    I'm still making and selling the DO tags with rings for $5.00 a pair if you need any