Thursday, December 3, 2009

Comes and goes to fast

Well we had a very good Thanksgiving with my 90year old Mother, son and wife, and 4 month old grand son. We tried him on his first ever food, mashed potatoes and he hates them, but now they give him cereal, and he loves that. We will try some D. O. food on him soon. We did the turkey in my MACA 12"x 16" dutch, and the rolls in a 16" . I will have pictures up in a day or two. Turkey came out great and the rolls were perfect. My wife Kat did the rolls. I will be working on some new Christmas recipes next. I will get them up as I finish with each one. Get Dutch Oven ready for the big holiday. make candies and pastries. I will also do some Hopen' Johns for New Years.

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